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*Please note: for the safety of all involved, volunteers are asked to read and sign off on our RLMO Serving Standards document.
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Cook and serve dinner for the program residents

Assist with building projects and maintenance

Participate in other local community service opportunities on behalf of RLMO

volunteer opportunities


Currently our most pressing need is for our men! Our 12-month program is dedicated to transforming lives and helping these men become the individuals that God has created them to be. However, this endeavor comes with a cost.

To sustain the program, we estimate that it costs $32,099 per man for the entire duration. This breaks down to approximately $87.94 per day for each individual. Every contribution, regardless of the amount, plays a vital role in enabling us to continue our mission and provide these men with the support they need.

Your generous donation will make a significant impact and help us create a positive change in their lives. We are deeply grateful for your support and belief in our cause. It takes a community to do recovery.



you can make a difference.

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