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Are you ready to embark on a raw and transformative journey? Dive into the gripping pages of "Life of an Addict," where vulnerability meets resilience as Tim recounts the highs, lows, and redemption of his personal battle with addiction. It’s unfiltered and honest. You'll walk with him through the darkest alleys of addiction, feeling his pain and celebrating how Jesus miraculously healed and set him free.

by tim anderson

Life of an Addict: My Journey to Freedom

Director of RLMO

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"This book is about my journey through addiction and about God's redemptive work. I wrote it because I want everyone to know that recovery is possible and that He is still on the throne! It is my prayer that this book makes it into the hands of people who are seeking freedom from addiction or other life controlling situations, and that it makes a Kingdom sized impact on their lives." - Scott Jackson

by scott jackson

Redemption Song: A Tale Of Recovery

Graduate of RLMO

We support and regularly refer to several other agencies, locally and beyond, especially when the timing or individual needs are not a good fit for our ministry. Below are a few such organizations we respect.

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